What the Colors of God Represent in the Bible

Each color has a significant meaning in Christ so please
consider this for your praise & worship flags and banners before ordering. 


                                  Red              -         Blood of Christ, warfare, consuming fire, Blood Covenant,

                                          Gold              -        Kingship, Glory, His holiness, liberty, Authority

                                          Silver            -        Redemption, Word of God, Wisdom, God's refining process 

                                          Amber          -        The Glory and presence of God, Jesus

                                          Purple           -        Royalty, Majesty, the Kingdom, inheritance, Authority

                                          Orange         -        Fire of God, harvest, fruitfulness, warrior

                                          White            -        Purity, innocence, salvation, surrender to God, victory, 
                                                                                overcomer, Holy, undefiled, Worthy, honor, righteousness

                                          Blue              -        Grace, mercy, the River of Life, revelation, hope, 
                                                                                God's passion               

Green           -        Healing, restoration, new beginnings, prosperity, 
Room, flourishing

                                          Pink              -        Faithfulness, humility, intimacy, child-like faith, First Love,
                                                                                friendship, joy, humility

                                          Teal              -        Atmosphere of Heaven

                                          Copper/Brass       Jesus' feet, strength, Atonement, forgiveness, washing,
                                          Bronze         -        Tabernacle alter, Fires of testing, offering        

                                          Lavender     -        Standing in His Presence

                                          Black            -        Bondage, death to self, without light, judgment, sin

                                          Rainbow      -        God's promises, everlasting covenant, mercy, Radiance of God  


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