Christian Praise Flags and Worship Flags
Solid Flags and Flags with Text

(pictures of our flags shown below)
Flags are shipped ready to wave and move freely around the pole

Our line of praise  flags and worship flags have been inspired by the Lord and we pray you will enjoy looking at the many different designs available.  The Lord truly shows us a "heavenly" picture of each new flag design before it is made because they are already in the throne room.  He gave us the scripture of Zephaniah 3:17 and when we are obedient to wave His worship flags, He waves them over us.  There is also a double annointing when two are waved of the same design. 
Every item we produce is prayed over before it is sent out.

Pray about what worship flag(s) you are supposed to order because He is faithful to let you know what He wants for you and/or your church/town, etc.  The colors have Kingdom significance so when He shows you a particular color, know that it is for you to fulfill His purpose when waving the praise  flags and worship flags.  To see the meanings of the colors, please click on
Colors of God button at your left.

We at Banners for the Shepherd offer praise flags and worship flags in all sizes and designs to be used during worship or simply to bring the spirit of praise into any environment you choose.  They are also extremely effective in spiritual warfare and the enemy does not like the sound of a flag that is waved in this manner. 
Isaiah 59:19 "When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard (flag) against him."

Here is a video of our flags waving  - 

If you have a design that you would like us to create, just e-mail, phone or fax us with your design ideas, fabric and color choices and we'll take it from there!  These are the lengths of our flag poles - 24" pole on small worship flags, 36" pole for medium, and  46" poles for our large worship flags .  In order to choose a color on the solid praise  flags, please go to the Fabric for Flags page and make your selection.
              We do not sell fabrics - our choices are only available for our worship flags 

                        ***Each worship flag is priced individually by size***

The price listed includes:

 ~ Choice of color
 ~ edges of flag beautifully finished
 ~ stained and varnished flag  poles
 ~ shipped rolled (not folded)
 ~ ready to wave!

                                 NAME OF FLAG



per flag




Flame 1/2 Circle Flag

Pictured in red tissue lame

You can choose any color of tissue lame in our "Fabrics for Flags" page



54" x34"

62" x42"

69" x44"




Harvest half circle flag

Pictured in orange iridescent organza



56" x36"

62" x42"

One Word Flag w/ Streamers 


All lettering available in gold or silver letters

Please specify which word you would like on your flag and what color lettering (gold or silver)




41"x 22"

25" x13"




Names of God Flag


You can put any Name of God on the flag in Hebrew
or English

Jehovah Jireh        - Lord our Provider
Jehovah Rapha      - Lord our Healer
Jehovah Shalom    - Lord our Peace
Jehovah Nissi        - Lord our Banner
El Roi                     - God who Sees
Jehovah Tsidkenu - Lord our Righteousness
Jehovah Shammah- Lord is There
Jehovah Makkeh   - Lord our Smiter
Jehovah Gmolah   - Lord our Recompense
Jehovah Tsebaoth- Lord of Hosts
Jehovah Mikadesh- Lord our Sanctifier
Adonai                   - God our Master
El Elyon                 - God Most High
Elohim                   - God of Power & Might
El Shaddai             - Lord who is all

*Can also be English

*Lettering is in bright gold tissue lame
and is also available in silver tissue lame

*Can also use "YHWH"
or "Yahweh" followed by the name of God

V flag

41" x22"

43" x22"





Deliverance Flag


Pictured in red
2082  36"x 18"  $79   
His Banner Over Me is Love Flag


Pictured in royal with gold letters.  Also available with silver letters. 

*insert any of wording of your choice up to 22 letters.  Above that will be an additional charge

Song of Solomon 2:4b


34" x25"
Jesus is Lord Flag


Pictured in white with gold letters.

1st Cor. 8:6
3050  41"x22"  $79   

Angel Wing Tissue Lame Flag

Pictured in sapphire tissue lame

Choose any color from our Fabrics for Flags, Tissue Lame section

54" x36"

62" x44"



Angel Wing Fire Lame Flag

Pictured in light gold Fire Lame

Choose any color from our Fabrics for Flags, 
Fire Lame section

54" x36"

62" x44"

Angel Wing Flag


Pictured in gold

You may choose organza or tissue lame



50" x32"

54" x36"

62" x44"




Glory Light Flag

Iridescent Organza

Incredibly light to wave and catches every breath of the Holy Spirit

It reflects many colors even though it's white

Very powerful when two are waved together




50" x32"

56" x36"

62" x42"




Praise and Worship
Flag with streamers 

Pictured in brass tissue lame

You may choose satin,tissue lame, or organza






25" x21"

36" x25"

44" x34"

56" x36"








Tissue Lame

Pictured in sapphire

You may choose satin, or tissue lame, or organza

2006  41"x 22"  $39    

Rectangular Flag with streamers

Tissue Lame

Pictured in emerald

You may choose satin, tissue lame or organza

2010  41"x 22"  $46   
Victory Flag

Tissue Lame

Pictured in red

You may choose satin, tissue lame
or organza
2007 43"x 22"  $39    
Victory Flag with streamers

Tissue Lame

Pictured in purple

You may choose satin, tissue lame
or organza
2011  43"x 22"  $46   
Rectangle Flag


Pictured in red

You may choose
satin, tissue lame, or organza

(flag pole is 24")
2012  25"x 13"  $32    
Small Rectangle Flag
with streamers


Pictured in marigold

You may choose
satin, tissue lame, or organza

(flag pole is 24")
2014  25"x 13"  $39   

Small Victory Flag

Tissue Lame

Pictured in sapphire

You may choose
satin, tissue lame, or organza

(flag pole is 24")

2013  25"x 14"  $32   
Small Victory
Flag with streamers

Tissue Lame

Pictured in gold

You may choose
satin, tissue lame, or organza

(flag pole is 24")
2015  25"x 14"  $39   
Purse Size Flag


Pictured in red

Flag pole is natural wood (no stain & varnish)

(flag pole is 12")


10" x 6"


Purse Size Flag with image

Available in all colors of satin

Flag pole is natural wood (no stain & varnish)

(flag pole is 12")

3025 w/
gold image
(cross or dove) 
10" x 6"




                 offered in all colors of satin
Solid Canvas Quiver or Tapestry Quiver 
(will hold up to 18 flags)

Solid canvas with shoulder strap
Tapestry with shoulder strap
(Tapestries will vary from season to season)

Canvas colors:
      Purple                    Red                Smoky Blue
     Orange                 Copper                   Pink

(dark navy and dark green not pictured)





40" x11"

48" x11"

40" x11"




Praise and Worship Flags 
        Workshop DVD

This DVD is what we teach in our workshops including:

-why flags are used in worship
-what flags represent in the bible
-what colors represent in God's Kingdom
-scriptures about flags
-time of impartation and activation
          and more!
1003    $24   

Christian Praise & Worship Flags and Banners
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