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The power that I feel when worshiping with my Holy Fire flags is amazing. The sound that it makes when whipping through the air destroys yolks, breaks bondages, heals, restores, consecrates and anoints atmosphere. The wind from the fire is the breath of God's anointing. With these flags I dance as a consuming fire. Love my flags and plan on ordering more in the future. Thanks Teri

                                                                                                 Marvin Hodge, S.T.Y.L.E. Dance Ministry, Suitland, MD


Thank you for the beautiful flags you made for us.  Here are the children with their favorite worship flags.  Ever since we received them, the children (and adults) enjoy worshipping the Lord with them and offering their praises as a sacrifice to Him, the King of Glory.  The beauty and the quality of the fabric are beyond what I expected.  Again, thank you for the wonderful attention to detail and love that went into creating the flags for us.

                                                                                                Monica Vargas, Germany


I ordered Throne Room, His Kingdom and His Sword flags for our trip to Fiji.  It was the last day of our trip and we were worshipping on the mound of dirt that is in front of the Church where we were styaing.  As we were worshipping a round dark cloud was coming down towards us.  When we finished, this cloud disappeared and there was the most amazing rainbow we had ever seen.  It had not been raining!  The photo does not show it at all but the rainbow was the widest and brightest we had ever seen.  You could see exactly where each colour started and finished!

                                                                                                Helen Moffat, Fiji


Here is an encouraging testimony of what happened last weekend when my husband and I met with friends to worship God.  In a song that spoke of the glory of God and His kingdom, I took a golden flag and a royal blue flag and I started to turn the flags in a particular way. As I did it, a sister saw the wheels of Ezekiel chapter 1 and Jesus came down among us. It was glorious ... several people present told me that the atmosphere was different when I waved the flags.  In the south of France, in Nice, a woman was healed of a problem in her right shoulder when she waved the flag, "Song of the Lord." It was great!  We placed another order for flags and Catherine and I are so excited to receive them because they have a great anointing and many people in France ask us where these flags come from.  The church of France blesses your work and that of your team!  Be encouraged and blessed in the ministry that God has entrusted to you for the Glory of His Name.  Thank you for everything! 
                                                                                                      Cyrille & Catherine Guizot - Auvergne, France


When I wave the Glory Light flags I feel a connection to heaven and God.  I know that nothing can break that connection.  I sense Godís Spirit flowing into me through the flags.  It is so much fun to wave them and they are such a pretty color!

                                                                                                      Emma S. - Golden, CO

I received the ROAR Lion of Judah flag and waved it the next day at our intercession group and it was amazing!  We could feel God's power!  I wanted to thank you for the flag and for praying for me. You prayed for God's provision for my finances and He surely did.  Two days later I received a check in the mail from a friend that I wasn't expecting. Thank you very much!  God answered your prayers and mine as well.  God bless you.

                                                                                                       Denise Barrera - King City, CA


I received my flags and waved them during worship on Sunday. It was truly amazing and Spirit filled!  I mostly ministered with the Glory Light flags and the Breakthrough flags - it was so amazing! The members do not know the meanings of the flags, yet I do.  After worship there were people giving comments about the glory light and cloud they saw that fell and breakthroughs that they received!  These testimonies are so powerful because they confirm what Lord is doing in the Spirit realm to bring glory to Him and attest to the purpose and power of flags in worship.

                                                                                                   Tyisha Moore - New York, New York

Thank you so much for the beautiful Glory Light flag which I gifted to my friend - she LOVES it!  She was absolutely overcome with the beauty and symbolism of this flag and was so touched that you all prayed for her while making it.  It definitely catches light in a lovely way and is so easy to wave.  Thank you for your wonderful ministry. It was the perfect gift for her!

                                                                                                     Jerrie Anne Salvato - Colorado

I received my Breakthrough flags and quiver and they are wonderful.  The flags are beyond beautiful ......they are like tongues of fire and just touching them and looking at them are so spiritually moving!  Thank you so very much and may God's blessings fall abundantly upon you as you continue His Kingdom work!
                                                                                                      Donna Anderson, Texas 

The ROAR Lion of Judah flag arrived and yippee!!!!  I have already flagged with it in my home and in my classroom.  The anointing is so thick on the flag.  I can't wait to bring it to church with me on Sunday.  My husband loves the flag.  As a testimony of the Lord's will, I received a $50 cheque last weekend that is towards the provision of the flag.  God is soooo good!  Thank you for your prayers and the beautiful flag. 

                                                                                                       Laura Quinton - Ontario, Canada

The King of Kings flags are indeed very beautiful.  They surpassed my expectations.  Thank you!  The Easter celebration at our church has never been the same.  Anytime I want a flag, I know just the place to turn to.  Thank you once again and God bless you.

                                                                                                 Elsu Tesfamariam - Stockholm, Sweden


Just wanted to say thank you once again.  My wife, Amy, was overjoyed by the gift of Throne Room and His Kingdom flags.  God moved and I, unexpectedly, was drafted to flag waving last night.  God's presence was so strong and He drew the men into a new level of worship.  God is too good to us!  God is doing awesome wonders.  I can't explain through email what took place last night.
                                                                                                         God bless you,  Brian Boyd - Henderson, NC

As we waved His Kingdom and Throne Room flags we felt such a powerful presence of God and everyone who came into the room were amazed and blessed.  Holy Spirit moved mightily during the event and everyone was soaring on Eagle's wings by the closing.  Both flags were flying as the group  moved in for the closing worship time.  One was waving at the front and the other at the rear.  Bless you and this ministry. 
Your flags really glorify our Mighty God!
                                                                                                 Love in Christ, Leslie B. - Queensland, Australia

The flags I ordered are the most beautiful I have ever seen!!  It is such an honor and privilege to be given these treasures from our Father!!  And you sent an extra one which is a double portion blessing!  Thank you so much for this special one.  I am truly eternally grateful to you for all of them.  We may not be able to stand up under the anointing of God when we wave these flags!  Hallelujah!  May the Lord multiply eternal blessings to you, your family and your ministry as you love and serve Him, the Worthy One!

                                                                                                        Much love in Jesus, Barb K. -  Ambler, PA

Wow!!  I absolutely love my flags.  You made each one so stunning and wonderful.  Thank you!  Blessings to your company and an increase so others may worship in beauty.
                                                                                                  Kathryn J. - Maricopa, AZ

Thank you for the extra gift of a purse flag that you sent with my previous order of flags.  It really meant a lot to me.  I am really enjoying worshiping with both purse flags.  They are a great size and a lot of fun.  Banners for the Shepherd is such a beautiful business and ministry.  It has truly blessed me!  

                                                                                                        Blessings,  Abigail B. - Seattle, WA

Yes, thank you for the beautiful flags.  The Holy Spirit came with those flags.  Our church has had flag worship for probably 15 or more years and last night was the first time a "man" participated.  My husband was leading the way for all the men.  During praise and worship while he was flying the flags, we had about 30 men run to the alter, kneeling and praying, and worshiping God.  It was a movement!  Those flags were meant to be for my birthday, but they may actually have been meant for my husband and the men of our church!  I don't mind sharing my birthday gift with everyone!

                                                                                                         God Bless You!  
Amy Boyd - Henderson, NC

I thank God for your ministry and wanted to let you know I received His Sword flag and As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord  flag.  I will blow the shofar to open a service tomorrow and will wave the flag and declare the declaration of God's word "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord".  I have been shown that the waving of the flags you supply from heaven creates an atmosphere in which God is pleased to be in the midst of.  With clean hands and a pure heart and with true worship an open heaven will be above us.  Thank you for what God is doing with you and through you.  May God continuje to bless you.
                                                                                                       Tim M. - Rolesville, NC

I am the recipient of His Sword flag gifted to me by my friend Carolyn.  When she presented it to me, my whole everything changed...like I was being entrusted with a precious gift that only God Himself could have created just for me.  I am thankful and grateful that He found me worthy of such a calling.  Each Sunday I use the flag to anoint our sanctuary at City of Praise Church.  When I enter the sanctuary, I get lifted before I can unroll the flag.  I believe that God truly has anointed me to cover the lower santuary while another truly amazingly anointed young lady does the upper sanctuary.  Thank you so very much for allowing God to use you to create these beautiful works of worship.  May He continue to speak to your hands as you are used to make each and every flag and banner.  To God be all the glory!

                                                                                                      Jacki Burgess - Alexandra, VA

About 2-3 years ago I had a vision of myself waving a flag.  I never told anyone about it and my friend, Carolyn, came to church on a Sunday and gifted me with a Glory Light flag.  My heart lept when I saw it because it looked like the Glory of God.  She mentioned that you asked her some questions about who the flag was being made for and that she told you I am a prophet and operate a lot in the Glory.  Before I knew any of this, I took the flag home and began to wave it around my home.  As I did, I heard the prayer that was prayed over the flag.  I felt the Glory of God come into the room in a strong and magnificent way.  I wanted to tahnk you for your obedience to God in how you create and pray over the flags that God has you make.  Keep up the good work and know that you are doing a great work for God and are an awesome blessing to the body of Christ.

                                                                                                       Prophet Barbara Jackson - Alexandria, VA

My husband bought for me the "His Sword" flag for Christmas.  As soon as I opened the package, I began to wave it in the presence of my family.  As I waved it, I explained to them that the enemy of our souls hates the cracking sound of the worship flags.  The next morning, my husband had a heart attack and had two stints put in (please bear with me...this is a testimony unto the LORD), and 20 minutes after the stints were in place, they began to fill with blood clots.  The doctor said that rarely happens.  Later we found out that two of his arteries were 100% blocked, and another was 90% blocked.  The doctor said that he was very "lucky".  We know, however, that "luck" had NOTHING to do with it.  God's mighty hand was upon us that day.  He spared my husbands life...the day after I waved the flag.  I know there is power in worshipping God with flags.  In addition to my regular church, I also attend a messianic congregation when I am able on Friday evening (Shabbat services), and have learned from the Christian Jewish people how powerful these tools are/were years ago.  I LOVE this form of worship, and plan to purchase more flags for worship at home and in services.  As I send this testimony, I am reminded of the scripture in Isaiah 55:19 "When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall raise up a standard (flag) against him."  God is raising up an army in these last moments in time.  Let us lift up our standards in the mighty name of Jesus because there is a shout of a KING among us!  Worshipping with flags is the most wexciting way to worship God that I have ever experienced this side of Glory!!!  Thanks again for your prayers AND your beautiful ministry!

                                                                                                         Sherry M. - Switz City, IN

The flags arrived and all I can say is "Wow"! They are beautiful! I put warrior worship music on the night I received the flags and waved and worshipped. The last time I looked at the clock it was 2:30 AM and I was still wide awake and still at it.  I was up most of the night!  The next night I was up until after 1:00 AM.  Tonight I just got home from small group and have not yet started, but am so enjoying the time with the Lord.  It is as if He comes to me just as it gets dark out, and the celebration begins! 
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

                                                                                                       Jackie Bryant - Buxton, ME

Thank you very much for the beautiful worship flag, Heart for the Harvest.  Wow, you exceeded my expectations!  I believe that when we worship our Father in Heaven with flags, He sends His angelic beings down to earth and they carry His glory and impart it into our flags and the atmosphere and then carry our worship back to Heaven to show God our love for Him.  You have created an amazing piece of art and Holy Spirit's handy work is all over it.  Holy Spirit loves the arts and dance because they are wonderful forms of worship.  I will cherish this flag for the rest of my life and I excitedly await the day when we are all in Heaven worshiping God together!

                                                                                                       Brian Johnson - Ferndale, WA

I recently bought two flags, ROAR Lion of Judah and His Sword.  I want to tell you that they are AWESOME!  The flags are just like in the pictures, very light and nicely finished.  Tand the most awesome is the anointing I feel when waving the flags.  Thank you.  May the Lord givbe you more revelations to make more flags.  Be blessed! 
                                                                                                        Nancy J. - Miami, FL

Wow, wow, wow!!!  What beautiful flags!  We are overwhelmed.  This morning when we opened the parcel we were filled with joy.  From the smallest to the biggest flags, they are all beautiful.  They look so nice on your website, yet in reality they are even more beautiful.  As soon as my wife, Zuzana, unwrapped the first flag, she wanted to dance.  When we unwrapped them all, we blessed all those involved in this ministry, the hands of those who had made them and prayed that your flag ministry may bless many more churches.  May God bless you abundantly.

                                                                                                       Milos and Zuzana - Belgium

At the urging and guidance of The Holy Spirit, I sought out a place to purchase worship flags.  Before I did I kept asking Him,ĒLord, are you sure you want me to spend money on these?Ē And He never changed His mind (so like Him!) and He never faltered. I am so grateful to have flags made by someone who is HIS!  Before your flags I wasnít aware of the power of worshipping with flags, and I didnít even know I had a team!  As I worshipped the first time with the flags, Yahshua began to reveal His plan and who each flag represented and He revealed a ministry team.  And thanks to you, Teri, each team member is now equipped with their own flag that was chosen for them by Yahshua and corporate flags for when we come together in the natural!  As you say, we intend to be mighty in the Lord!  Our Heavenly Father is so amazing and I love Him so much and these flags gloriously magnify Him so I can see and feel and know more of Him!  The Holy Spirit is using your flags as tools for communication and He is teaching me to use them as weapons of war.  He reminds me as I write this of Corinthians 10:4 (KJV)  "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds."  And Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)  "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and against wickedness in high places."   Thank you, Teri, for making beautiful praise and worship flags that help me enter into His Presence to praise Him!  You are a Godsend! 

                                                                                                   Be blessed, gratefully, Brice Taylor

I received my ROAR Lion of Judah flag and the quality is magnificent!  It is absolutely beautiful.  I started waving with the figure eight as you instructed. All I could say is WOW! The cracking sound it made was immediate.  My Mom waved it over her prayer list and family photos as we prayed. Sunday night I got on the prayer line and the Lord told me to wave it in the midst of the last prayer for protection over our church. The ladies knew nothing about the flag until the end. I explained the flag to them and one of the ladies said "I thought you were dancing in the background and it sounded like a rythmic beat, sort of like an Indian war sound!"  I realized she was talking about the sound the flag made when I was waving it.  All I can say is to God be all the Glory and I thank God for the Holy Spirit!  It is truly the right flag that I was led to use for the Lord's Glory.  I am excited because I don't know how and to what extent He is going to use me but I am blindfolded, stepping out of the boat, and walking on water.  This is just the beginning and I am excited to see where He is going to lead me according to Jeremiah 29:11.  I just wanted to say thank you for your wonder-full ministry unto the Lord.

                                                                                                           Carolyn Cordice - Alexandria, VA

Since October of 2014 my church and worship team have used flags from Banners for the Shepherd. We have seen major spiritual growth and mighty moves of God. We truly love worshipping with flags.  Thank you for your ministry!

                                                                                 Caleb Grimm,  President of Lion of Judah WWP Ministries, Mason County, VA 

I ordered the Glory Light flags and when I went to my mother's house to pick them up, the size of the box brought fear to my heart. I thought if the box is this big then the flags must be too large for me to use and I know I can't do this 'flag thing'.  As I began to unwrap the flags, all I could think of is angel's wings when I saw them -absolutely beautiful! As I lifted one of the flags, I knew this was something very special. It was light and non-intimidating. My mother lives in the projects so I went out on the floor's shared terrace and began to dance with the Glory Light flags and I was no longer fearful or in doubt that this is what the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart to do.  It felt so right.  A gentlemen came off the elevator and saw me flagging and asked how long I was doing this?  I told him as of today.  Again confirmation.  I was able to witness to him and tell him how God has enabled me to do this.  Then I realized that flagging is a great witnessing tool.  All of this happened before Sunday.

Yesterday God took me to another level in worship. I brought the box that the flags came in to church with me. As I took out the flags, I noticed the receipt was there and saw your note to me. God hid my eyes from seeing it on Saturday. Your note spoke that I was to do exactly what God spoke to me to do.  You see I had a vision of what I was going to do at the end of the dance with the flag, but again doubtful that I should do it (to cover myself with the flag representing the anointing of God over our lives) until I read your note.  Teri, I thank you for blessing not only me, but the countless others that have used your flags, banners, etc.  I pray that as you enter heaven there will be thousands of waving flags greeting you home.  I know the enemy comes up against worshipers in a strong way and I pray for prosperity over your business, over your family and over your life.


God Bless, Madeline Bryan Redd, Bronx, NY



I just received "His Majesty" flag and want to give you a praise report.  I have to tell you about the contest my team won at work!  We each won $500 for 1st place and I immediately thought about you praying for my finances because what God puts on our heart to wave He will provide for.  God answered in a big way!!  Thank you for praying and many blessings to you.

Peggy Thompson - Sanger, CA



I was waving the Glory Light flags in church one morning and there came a very strong presence of the Lord.  At the end of the worship service a man came up to me and told me he had seen an angel at the front of the church while I was waving.  Thank you Lord!


Donna Blakeney, Ontario, Canada


I received the Latter Rain flags and they are beautiful, you did so good!  I have been praying about when I should wave them for the first time and the Lord spoke very clearly to me.....Pentecost.  While my Pastor was preaching on Esther, he mentioned something about Pentecost and it hit my Spirit like a brick. I came home and looked at the calendar and it's not until June 8, but what is really interesting is that is also my Pastor's 40th wedding anniversary. They have been pastor's over our church for about 30 yrs and been carrying the vision for our church.  In my Spirit I feel so excited for what God is about to do.  So I want to say a big THANK YOU!  I just wanted to give you a heads up of what God is doing and I feel you are very much a part of all this.


                                                                                                     Maranda Miller, West Olive, MI


Bless your team for their spiritual discernment and providing the much needed covering of the Lord over the flags to counter the wiles of the enemy while the flags do their work.  You are all a real blessing to so many that don't even realize the potency of the Lord in your ministry of providing tools for people to gain victory over the enemy and give them true liberty.  We waved the flags in many towns and people came to me with visions the week after we waved.  The visions were of light overtaking looming darkness coming out of the west, the earth opening up and swallowing masses of demons, and God's Holy flame over the building where we had the conference.  May the Lord bless you with much spiritual treasure!  I would just like to stand in the gap for all the people that don't realize how abundantly they are blessed by your ministry and how our world is affected by raising the standard of the Lord against the enemy.  For all that is unseen and unspoken, I say thank you for obeying your call from God and stnading by His purpose with passion in your prayer because you know His anointing flows through the work you do.  Be blessed and know that what you do brings victory in the name of our Lord Jesus!

                                                                                                   Daniel Bocking - Saskachewan, Canada 


I am somewhat "new" to praising with flags.  I have been doing it privately for a while now, but I know that I am being called to do this in a much larger setting.  It is such an intimate form of worship for me that at first I hesitated to share it.  I dance in what I call "total body worship" simply because I found that nothing else I did seemed to feel enough!  There are several sites out there on the internet, but Banners for the Shepherd stood out to me.  The most important reason is your obvious calling to do this in the body of Christ.  Your "products" are furthering the Kingdom of God and helping people grow in their expression of worship.  The manner in which you do this are your flags.  Anyone can put flags out there but the fact that you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit on what you make and actually pray over every flag shows that your goal is much more than the flag itself.  Although I am waiting expectantly for my first set flags from your ministry, I have no doubt that the quality will be in keeping with His standard of excellence.  Thank you so much for what you do and your obedience to God's calling upon your lives.


Blessings, Crystal Baynard, Milford, DE


Thank you again for your donation of the Lion Of Judah flag to the church and people of CubaThe flag was flown for the first time ever at Easter Sunday services, in Havana, Cuba, at several outdoor locations, and proclaimed that Jesus Christ is Lord on the island of Cuba!  May these photos serve as an encouragement to you and your co-workers to continue to serve the Lord daily with your gifts and talents.

David Conner - Havana, Cuba

Our Wings of the Wind Worship team met for rehearsal last night and as we danced to the end of a song where we bring out the flags to "Unto You Be All the Glory", I am facing front with the Glory Light flags and the Heaven's Fire flag is to my right. The other flags were in the back and it was so powerful- some of the dancers cried out praising the Lord in tongues and worshiping.  At the end I have each flag waver go down on the floor at the end of a refrain so by the time the song is finished, we are all in a prostate position before God.  We literally couldn't get up!  The presence of God was so strong, it saturated the room.  Only afterwards did I tell them about the prayer thatwas prayed over the flags before they came to us.  One of the dancers was amazed at what anointing the flags bring.  Hallelujah!  To HIM be all the Glory!

Jane Bakewell - Tortola, British Virgin Islands

WOW!!!  We just opened the flags!!!  They are absolutely gorgeous!!!  Love, love, love them and thank you so much.  I feel the anointing on them!

                                                                                         Phyllis Scheminske - Houston, TX

I received "His Sword" flag this afternoon and that's what I call fast delivery.  The flag is beautiful!  The flag has certainly got everyone's attention and interest at church.  You can feel a stronger energy in our worship as people press in to give our Lord praise.  Thank you for everything.

                                                                                        Wayne Newton-Long - Ontario, Canada


Thank you for the quick delivery of His Sword  flags and your prayers.  God was surely glorified.  We went into the community and set up a tent to bring the word to the hurting, the broken and proclaim the captives free in Jesus' name.  That Sunday morning, Wings of Faith was asked to repeat the warfare flag ministry dance at church.  The atmosphere on both days was shifted.  The fire of the Lord filled the place!  Testimonials of people being delivered and/or receiving the Holy Spirit came forth.  To God be the Glory!  Hallelujah!

                                                                                         Natasha Mutek, Wings of Faith, Springfield, TN

I just received the Lion of Judah with colored streamers flag and it is breathtaking!  Praise God for this gift and passion He has blessed you with to share with His Kingdom and bless so many others.  May the  Lord bless you and your business abundantly!  Thank you for everything!

Amy Holmes - Omaha, NE

The flags arrived that I ordered, Glory Light and Rainbow Promises, that you and I prayed over just in time for the women's conference I was attending. I waved them in my home and the presence of the Lord was so strong I fell backwards.  So off I went to the conference.  I had release to use them the next morning when a very, very strong hit of witchcraft was discerned by many at the conference as well as bitterness and offense in many people's hearts.  We all began to worship as we never had as the leadership encouraged everyone to repent and lift up His name.  Another lady had flags like mine and such breakthrough came that many hearts were healed that morning of bitterness and identity issues. Praise the Lord!  So much of this meeting was about overcoming and knowing who we are and rising up in the Spirit and releasing the roar of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah from within each of us.  It was so beautiful.  Much laughter and revelation of moving in His Spirit poured out.  Thank you for these beautiful flags.  All praise and glory be unto Him for He is worthy!

Shalom and Blessings -
Colleen Danchak - Alberta, Canada

When I wave the worship flags in obedience to Him, it seems to usher me into His presence.  Psalm 24:7 'Lift up your heads, O you gates...that the King of Glory may come in.' The flags are a mighty tool in worship and in spiritual warfare that go beyond explanation and waving two of the same flag is more powerful than waving one. The fine quality of the fabrics and workmanship are very precious to me. Thank you Banners for the Shepherd for translating the Holy Spirit's ideas into beautiful flags!

Carol Kelcy - Dallas, TX

I was so excited today, when I recieved my Blood, Fire and Glory flag.  As I began to open the package, I could see the touch of anionted hands on the outer layers that covered my flag. My eyes filled with tears of joy. As I unwrapped the layers of paper, my eyes were drawn to the quality of the fabric and finished details.  For a moment I sensed a breathe of heat in the atomsphere; God had delivered my heart's desire right to my front door. That is confirmation that He is moving on the hearts of His people, ordering and setting up divine experiences for His people and His glory. I thank God for this divine connection of God's custom designs sewn in excellence of His anionting. As God bless', I will be requesting other flags to glorify God in the sanctuary.  God is Great and greatly to be praised!

Ursula Brown - Henderson, TX

The flags have arrived and they are simply awesome! It was so impressive when the flagswere on parade last night at the opening of our Mission services. They will be on parade tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday at the Eucharist and our outdoor procession of witness. Thank you again for such a wonderful job. Your prayers and ours for an anointing on the flags were certainly answered. There was a special anointing in the Church last night and it could be felt from the moment the flags entered the Church. Thank you again for the flags and more than that for the prayers. God Bless you!

Daphne Clarke - Nassau, Bahamas

We got the flags yesterday and my daughter, Heather, & I immediately started worshiping God.  She loves her flags!!  And I am so enjoying mine. I am setting up a time to talk to our Pastor about waving flags during worship.  I have been praying and I know God will make the way.  The quality of the flags are amazing! I have never seen such beautiful flags!!  And I like the poles for them. You did a great job! Thank you so much and God bless you always as you continue to seek him in your flag making.  You are a blessing to the body of Christ!

Marcy and Heather Field, Anchorage, AK

HOORAY, HOORAH, YIPPEE!!  I received the banners and flags and I love them! Thank you sooooooo much.  I was like a kid at Christmas. May God bless you and keep you and your ministry. If we never get a chance to meet on this side, come on up to Bright Glory and I'll be waiting up there.  I will do business with you again.........thanks again.

Vernell Turner - Huntsville, AL

The flags arrived! They are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!  WOW!! They look much better in real life than on the website.  Thank you so much for a fabulous job and Iím honored to wave them.  I will certainly keep your card that came with them and pass on your website.  May God bless you abundantly,

Stephanie Moore - Acworth, GA


Our church was first introduced to the use of banners in praise and worship several years ago with a concert performed by a Messianic Jewish couple. Although the Scriptures say things like, "Lift your hands in the Sanctuary", there seemed to be a reluctance by the majority of the congregation until we placed flags in their hands. The level of our praise and worship has dramatically increased through the addition of this simple expression of honoring God.  Flags/standards are given much emphasis in the Old Testament Scriptures.  I believe they need to be given equal importance within the church. I am thankful that I discovered Banners for the Shepherd as a great source for obtaining anointed, custom-made flags.  We just purchased a dozen new ones from this ministry for our congregation. The first service we used them, every flag was taken! We keep them on display in the front of our sanctuary.  It is a vivid witness of our readiness to worship and praise our heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, the Shepherd of our hearts!

Pastor Randy Shupe
The Way, The Truth, and The Life Tabernacle
Arvada, CO

May God continue to bless you. Thank you so very much for processing the order so quickly.  I really appreciate the specific prayer. Your ministry is a great blessing to the world!  God bless you and your ministry. The instruments of praise are beautiful and of great quality. I can hardly wait until tomorrow's worship service.

Valerie C. Cuffee - Nokesville, VA

I received the worship flag this morning and it is so beautiful. I already walked through my housewaving it while I had a "shofar" CD playing.  Wow, what an anointing!  The Lord is on the verge of something and I believe our obedience to worship Him is forefront.  Thank you again.

Kathy Parshall - Coal Center, PA

I was very impressed, very impressed with the website quality and appearance of the flags!  I ordered several flags and even the poles are of excellent workmanship.  The flags are beautiful!!  You can see the beauty on the site but the quality of workmanship is excellent and even better in person. They handle and wave beautifully. Thank you for your good council and suggestions during the order process. I really like how you do things! Very professional and you are humble! The tapestry quiver for my flags is also of excellent workmanship and quality; strong, sturdy, and lovely stitching.  When I wore the quiver with the swords (flags) in church, I didn't walk as usual.  I walked as one who knew what they were carrying.  It's difficult to explain. Thanks for your prayers for the flags.  All the work is fit for a king...our King of Kings.

Linda Young - Ft. Washington, MD

Wowww!!!!  The flag came today and I LOVE it!!!  I can hardly wait until Sunday to wave it for the Lord. Thank whoever designed and sewed such a beautiful flag to worship God!

Jenifer Revercomb - Lakewood, OH

We received our order of flags today. They are so beautiful!!  I was waving one of the Glory Light flags and felt the presence of God so strong.  It was awesome.  Thank you for your gift to the Body of Christ.

Alana - Gateway Christian Center - Winterville, NC

I was praying for the Lord to show me "something" I could do to bless a friend, Jen, who was in her last days of a battle with lung cancer.  He gave me the idea of purchasing a worship flag and then donating it in Jen's honor to our church.  When I saw the flag titled Surrender to God, I knew that was IT!  Jen's "theme" during her cancer battle was "surrender".  I called to order the flag and was told it would probably be over a week before it was available.  I know I sounded disappointed upon hearing that, and Teri asked what the flag was for.  After I explained Jen's situation, Teri said she'd see what she could do.  She called back a couple days later to say it would be shipped in just a few days!  I received the flag and took it to Jen who was in hospice -- she loved it, she waved it (see picture), and she blessed it.  Two days later, on the eve of Palm Sunday, Jen went home to be with her Lord & Savior. I will be forever grateful to Teri and everyone at Banners for the Shepherd for all they did to get Jen's flag to her before she went home.  THANK YOU!

Beth Brovold - Andover, MN

The flags have arrived three days earlier than quoted! Very quick!!!!  THEY ARE STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!  You have done a mind-blowingly fabulous job. I absolutely LOVE what you've done! I keep looking at the flags and am in awe of them.  I can feel the anointing they carry.  You are so clever in how you have stabilized the fabric up the flag poles so that the flags twirl freely and never get tangled. Your work is beautiful and of a very high standard. They really are works of art!  Amazing!!  THANK YOU!

Margaret Peterson - Melbourne, Australia

The flag is so beautiful and so perfect for this missionary trip to Brazil. It definitely was a "God thing" as you so well described the accomplishment of making the flag and shipping it to us in a matter of a few days. The beauty of the fabric chosen, the sturdiness of construction and the way the flag could be used like a book made me so excited! I can't stop thanking the Lord for your group! The Through the Cross flag reached many people for Christ as we described His Wordless Book. There were some who had never heard the gospel message presented so clearly!  The missionaries used the flag in the parades through Sao Vincente and Campo Grande, Brazil.  Many listened and watched as the missionaries took the colors of the flag and relayed their individual testimonies.  It was a wonderful work of the Lord.

Forever Grateful, Your sister in Christ,
NoraGalto, Trinity Baptist Church, Niskayuna, NY

I just wanted to let you know we received the JOY flag Saturday afternoon. My 9 yr old daughter, Isabelle, waited at the window watching for our mail man most of the morning in anticipation. The flag is simply beautiful. Today is Sunday and she had the chance to try it out at church this morning! It's been a wonderful adventure getting to this point and I want to thank you for being part of it. I'm sending along a photo of her happy face!

Andrew and Isabelle - Wisconsin

I thank you sooooo very much for getting the banners to us in such short notice. The banners are so beautiful and everybody felt an anointing on them.  The service was so high on Sunday morning and night.  I pray that Godís blessing will continue to over take you and your ministry that He gave you to bless His people.

Thank you, Sheree

I chose Psalm 46:10 because it is one in which I need a constant reminder.  I have put this banner in a place of prominence in my home so that I can reflect on it often throughout my busy day. After receiving it, I was thrilled to see the meticulous quality of it's construction and the beautiful fabric used.  The banner was made to my exact size and color specifications and I couldn't be happier with the results!

Randy Tyler - Marina del Rey, CA

I just wanted to thank you so much for the Holy Fire flag.  I waved it in my office and declared that God's will be done, and for His Favor, Favor, Favor. We were negotiating our lease today with our landlords.  Guess what!  They are willing to lower the lease for us for two years - PRAISE THE LORD! Then when I took the flag home, my granddaughter was overcome with awe and took it all over the house - waving it in every room, hallway and staircase, praying in the Spirit.  We believe for some major breakthrough happening at our house!

JaneLee Mitchell -Longmont, CO

Thank you so much for the wonderful Ripe for the Harvest flag!  It is a powerful flag and has taken our church to a new level and opened the windows of heaven on our church.

Tina Vega - Tampa, FL

I HAVE TO TELL YOU what happened with the Blood of Jesus flag.  Three weeks ago I started "The Joyful Gathering of the Saints" in my home.  The 1st week I was praying over someone and an adult and an 11 year old saw a cross on this man's temple and forehead. The following week I was led to wave the Blood of Jesus flag. The 2 people that had seen the "cross" on the man's head said, "That's the cross I saw last week!!  That's it--with the blood coming down from the cross just like the one you're waving!!" The Lord has really led you -BOTH of them saw the same cross!  YHWH is doing AWESOME things--your "swords" are powerful tools. The flags are definitely from the Throne Room and do influence the spiritual atmosphere greatly.

Sharon Thompson - Hollister, CA


The worship flags that the Lord wanted us to wave in worship during our bible study are very dear to me because of Psalm 60: 4-5, 'You have given a banner to those who fear You that it may be displayed because of the truth.  That your beloved may be delivered, save with Your right hand, and hear me.'    Thanks to Banners for the Shepherd for making exactly what we wanted.

DeeDee Peck
Leader, Women's Bible Study
VineLife Community Church, Longmont, CO

We are looking forward to seeing God use these flags to usher in His presence for our entire congregation! We want to enter the Gates with the ultimate PRAISE FOR HIM. Thanks for your gifts and all your works.  May the Lord bless you a hundred fold!!!

Jennifer Sisco - Key West, FL

Thank you for making me such pretty praise flags to wave. I have wanted one since the first time I saw them and am so happy with them! It's just as important for kids like me to wave flags for Jesus as it is for adults. I really like your colors that you have to choose from and especially the shiny fabrics.  I love them!

Kelly Rose -Philadelphia, PA

The banners just arrived at my house and they are truly beautiful! We will be honored to use them Sunday after Sunday! We are so thankful for our connection with your company!

S.G., Holland, MI

I'm just writing to thank you for making the flags and for being attentive to the voice of the Lord.  These flags are beautiful and what is most amazing, they are exactly what I believe the Lord wanted for our church, a "river of fire".  Be blessed and continue to be a blessing to others.

Joann Carrion - Cape Coral, FL

Praising the Lord with flags flows from my heart in gratitude for God's faithfulness to me and my family. He abides in my praises and causes me to ascend to heaven in prayer and spiritual warfare with victory in Christ as an overcomer. My flag turned out to be better than my expectations of what I had pictured in my mind. Your design team is wonderful!

Lana Welllington - Boulder, CO

My pastor really likes the flags and the women on the board are so excited about us using them. Someone said they could see the movement of God in the flags and in us when we waved them.  It made them think that God is in everything. Thank you so much for coming through for us.  It made all the difference in the world to the ministry that God has placed on my heart.

Debbie Settles - Manassas, VA

I purchased one of these banners for my home and the second for my sister's massage therapy practice.  I wanted the Lord's name 'Jehovah Rapha', God our Healer, as a banner or covering over my home and her business as they both belong to the Lord.  I enjoy being reminded daily of the healing power and authority of His name.  The richness of the fabric and detail are representative of His holiness and majesty.  Thank you, thank you.

Jackie Tibbitts - Niwot, CO

Thank you for the beautiful flags. They are great! I am looking forward to worshipping the Lord with them at church during our awesome praise and worship services.

Sandra Jones - Chesapeake Beach, MD


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