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We have a wonderful team of people that are annointed to work on the praise & worship flags and banners.  Every item we produce is prayed over before it is sent out.  He has annointed our hands to do His work and is the Creator of all of the designs you see here.  He has shown us that they already exist in the heavenlies!  He has asked us to work with a spirit of excellence.  Our ministry is 16 years old and He continues to unfold His mysteries in what happens when flags are raised in His name.  The Lord has told me (Teri) that I am a blacksmith making His swords. (Isaiah 54:16)

The flags are used in praise, worship, spiritual warfare and declaration of our King.  When we wave His flags in obedience to his leading, He waves them over us as in Zephaniah 3:17. 

Teri and Joe Morelli have been married for 37 years and have two precious children. 
The Lord has worked powerfully in our marriage and His grace abounds.  We have been praying together as a couple for many years, which has brought us closer together in all areas of our marriage.   

Our children are a testimony of how God works in a family and loves His kids!  They continue to teach us how to be better parents. 

We pray our Christian praise & worship flags and banners bless you and bring honor to our Lord. 

                                        May He bless you in abundance! 

Phillipians 4:13 "We can do all things through Him who gives us

             Christian Praise & Worship Flags and Banners
             Banners for the Shepherd
                            Boulder, CO  80302

              800) 889-1953

We specialize in Christian praise and worship flags and banners - worship Flags, church flags, Jesus flags, dance flags, praise flags, warfare flags, custom flags, prophetic flags, religious flags and worship banners, praise banners, custom banners, church banners, Jesus banners, and Messianic banners, flag workshops, praise flag workshops, and worship flag workshops.

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